Welcome to Paradox, Pune

Paradox is an Independent film festival with live screenings and Award Ceremony, that happens every year in Pune, India. Two Years have been passed for from 2019 this festival has been taking place even during difficult times as we promised our Filmmakers to do so. We are facilitating our Third Annual Festival in 2021. Our mission is intended to help make a stage for the filmmakers and support their skills and talents for a long time to come. The PISFF is amazingly energized for its grandstand season and plans on getting better compared to other film festivals in Pune. 

PISFF helps autonomous movie producers to make and show their skills and to find and celebrate unprecedented movies and create free filmmaking. Our Jury group is searching for potential movies and producers for scheduled meetings with officials from the film and media business. PISFF will have screening occasions at the Pune with post-screening Q&A with executives, makers and entertainers and the open door for them to coordinate with industry experts at our networking occasions and workshops.

Paradox International Short Film Festival 2021

PISFF is back in another extended format in 2021. In the principal occasion of the new decade, go along with us for a couple of diversely hypnotizing films that imagine hyper vivid universes of experience on screen. 

PISFF is built up as a means for supporting and advancing film movie producers everywhere throughout the world. Our central goal is to advance exceptional artists by giving a portal to extend their vocations in media outlets. We sparkle a light on the obscure artists of today, helping them turn into the praised movie producers of tomorrow.

Deadlines for Submission 

Earlybird Deadline : February 28, 2021
Submission Fee :$10.00

Regular Deadline :  March 25, 2021
Submission Fee :$11.00

Late Deadline : April 30, 2021
Submission Fee :$12.00

Extended Deadline : May 20. 2021
Submission Fee :$13.00

Last Chance Deadline : June 25, 2021
Submission Fee :$14.00


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